Tables turned

Tonight you thought you’d try something a little different: being the adult. After we finished reading our story, what we normally would have done was you would lay down and I would sit next to you and sing frère Jacques with you picking out the parts of the bus to sing about, then I would kiss you good night and go downstairs to either read or clean up. 

Instead, tonight after our story, you told me to lay down and that you would sit next to me to sing the song. In playing my new role, while you were singing i interrupted you by saying “no no no, the mamas on the bus”when you started singing about the wipers and you laughed, knowing full well that you normally call the shots like that. When we finished the song, you kissed me good night and walked out of the room asking me if I wanted the door open or closed (like I often do) and then walked downstairs. I knew my next play well. I let a few minutes go by and then got up, and hung out by the top of the stairs briefly, then walked downstairs where you were sitting on the couch reading a book (!!). I said “Benjamin…. I have to go pee pee… (And then seeing you reading, came up to you and asked) What are you doing?” You said you were reading a book and that it was time for me to go to bed and then took my hand and led me back to your room. You then proceeded to have me lay down, told me it was dark outside and that the stars were up and that I had to go to sleep. You then turned the grow clock to the stars setting to remind me and left the room, closing the gate before going back downstairs. 

Oh Benjamin… You make me smile 🙂



“sun scream”

The Canada Song

You received a book as gift called Goodnight Canada – modelled after Goodnight Moon. The book goes through many cities and provinces/territories with greetings of good morning, good afternoon and goodnight. It even has a page with some guys playing hockey which you try to skip to given your hockey obsession. Since you love to sing, I asked you “Benjamin, do you know any songs about Canada?”. Given your blank face, I started to sing “Oh Canada” and immediately you shouted out “The hockey song!!!”. Apparently that’s what happens when papa lets you watch only the opening period of the hockey game – you think our national anthem is how they start a hockey game.

A few days later, we were singing the anthem at the dinner table and given that you still thought it was the hockey song, I played a video of Ginette Reno singing the anthem at a hockey game. She has a distinctive voice, featuring lots of vibrato and knows how to belt out a tune. After the video was over, you started singing the song again and added vibrato to your voice just like Ginette. Hilarious.

You make us smile.


We love you and let you know often – when you’re going to bed for the night, when we’re leaving for work, when we drop you off at daycare. Yesterday morning, as papa was heading out the door, he said “Je t’aime Benjamin” and you belted out from your chair “je t’aime plus papa”! Where do you come up with this. Haha. You make us smile.

Milk & water

Being a big brother has brought with it a whole slew of new discoveries for you. You are learning how to comfort a baby when crying (though you do rock that bouncy chair with such good force I think sometimes Émilie might fly right out of it…), how to change a diaper and how a baby is fed. It’s the latter that you haven’t quite fully grasped though. At every meal, I offer you water or milk to drink and you have translated that to mean that babies can have water or milk to drink too. Since I’m breast feeding, you are convinced that one breast makes water and the other makes milk (and once, since we were having smoothies for breakfast, one breast made milk and the other smoothie). You make me smile, kiddo.

Me me!

There are some words you say that you feel just need that little bit extra flair these days. For example, one of your favourite movies as of late is Despicable Me – I think you’ve watched it 15 times now with your papa (I have still to watch it even once! I know, out of the loop) – and when I asked you what you were watching downstairs, you, with complete confidence, say Despicable Me Me! Then there are books. A choice one for you before bed time is the Sandra Boynton book But Not the Hippopotamus. I often pause to let you finish the sentence “but not the hippopotamus” which you excitedly chime in with “hippopotanamus!”. Then there is Le secret des Bonhommes de Neige – a book about what snowmen do at night that you got as a Christmas gift from Loulou and Papie. Except to you, they are not les bonhommes de neige but les bonhommedenhomme de neige! You make me smile, Benjamin.

Can’t outsmart me, mama

Last night we read the dino/pere noel and bonnehomme de neige books. I said it was time to lie down and he asked for one more. So we read peekaboo kisses. Short and sweet. Then I said bed time and he refused again, getting out of bed and started looking for another story. Of course, he picked up the thickest book of the bunch – the sound effects book in french. I said that was the last one and then bedtime and he agreed. So I pulled the skip 5 pages at a time trick to speed things along and all went well until the end when on the last page, there showed up all these mini images from each page of the book. He was scanning it and then pointed to the image of the door, a page that I skipped, and said “mama, we missed a page” and then proceeded to go back through the book to find it, finding all these other pages we skipped along the way, and looked up me as if to say “what the heck mom!”. Parenting fail. You make me smile (and smarten up)